Over a three-year period from July 2014 until June 2017 ADDA has worked with capacity building of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam. The Northern Vietnam is a mountainous area, which has also been a victim of landslides due to the climate crisis as well as improper cultivation methods.

ADDA has therefore trained the farmers about the challenges of the climate crisis while also teaching them new cultivation methods that are adapted hereto. One of the methods is agroforestry, where the farmers sow bushes and trees among various crops. Sowing a variety of crops increases the biodiversity while the bushes and trees turn roots that reduce erosion.

Finally, ADDA has trained the farmers about advocacy. The farmers have acquired knowledge of and gained experience in how they can obtain political influence on various processes that deals with the management of the natural resources in their region. In this matter, we have cooperated closely with local organizations, especially Pan Nature but we have cooperated with local and national authorities through the whole period. As a result, sustainable and climate adaptive cultivation methods have been incorporated into political programs and budgets, which means that more farmers will utilize the methods in the future.

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