Great success for ´Siem Reap Meanchey Union of Agricultural Cooperative´ (SMUAC) in Cambodia

30.000 small scale farmers will get organic certification in ADDA´s organic project i Tanzania

Vietnam´s success with organic agricultural development can be traced back to ADDA´s first organic project

Successful anniversary conference

The 60 attendees at ADDA’s anniversary conference on 1 June at Kalø Organic Agricultural Colledge got a fine insight into the many fine results that are created with the development funds that ADDA has communicated to poor farmers in rural areas in Vietnam, Cambodia and Tanzania for 25 years. And the contributions were presented by ADDA’s local partners, researchers and ADDA’s own country managers.

General meeting 2019

ADDA had the ordinary general meeting on Wednesday, 22 May at Kalø Organic Agricultural Colledge, Rønde. Following the general meeting, the appointment of Niels Dumas Johansen as honorary member of ADDA is being celebrated.

Project MOAP-Vietnam completed

The final workshop on project MOAP was held on Friday, June 14, by the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA) and ADDA. The project has the title: “Strengthening the Framework for Production and Marketing of Organic Agricultural Products in Northern Vietnam”. During the three-year project period, great progress has been made on the framework conditions for organic farming in Vietnam.

Union of Agricultural Cooperatives is successful in Cambodia!

ADDA has long described the positive importance that the formation of agricultural cooperatives has for the farmers in Cambodia. Read the article by Mr. Chea Phalla and Mrs. Leng Sokaly, where they write about `Siem Reap Meanchey Union of Agricultural Cooperative` – SMUAC. Read about how SMUAC is beneficial to cooperative associations here.

– Give a contribution to wells, rice banks, small bridges, water channels and roads in Cambodia and Vietnam!

Your contribution goes to small development projects in the villages in ADDA´s project areas. 

There is still a great need to do collections for the families in the villages in Cambodia and Vietnam, therefore ADDA continue last years success and do collection of smaller private donations to smaller development projects. Give a present to people, who really have needs!

Read about the collection and how to deposit your contribution here.

ADDA´s folder

See the informative and nice folder here.

The folder is available at the secretariat or visit ADDA at: Carit Etlars Vej 6, 1814 Frederiksberg. DK. 

10 years of cooperation with Vietnamese Lawyers Association ends.

The project ´Legal Aid to Contract Farming´ is finished and ADDA ends 10 years of cooperation with VLA. Read the article by Ove Gejl Christensen in News & Views 36, where he tells about the great importance the legal aid projects has meant to the farmers´ living conditions in Northern Vietnam. Here

The farmers in Tanzania are getting eco- certification in groups

Organic farming in Tanzania is officially not very widely used. However, if you look at the most important aspect of organic agriculture – the absence of chemically produced fertilizers and pesticides, you can say that in many areas of Tanzania, organic farming is practiced. Here

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