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Cambodia. Climate-smart agricultural methods work

Our project: “Climate Smart Agriculture Roll Out” in Siem Reap Province (CSA) has ended. We have achieved distinguished results since its inception in 2021. The results were presented at a large-scale CSA conference held at the end of November in Siem Reap. It shows that the small farmers in the project area have achieved significantly higher yields both in rice and vegetable cultivation, while reducing their input and climate footprint.

Adda is looking for CISU for support for the continuation of the CSA project, in order to widening the project results for many thousands of small farmers and to be implemented the area’s strong cooperative associations (ACs). Read the entire Evaluation Report here

See more about the results achieved in our new CSA video.

Impacts of Irrigations project in Villages near Dodoma Transforms living conditions

An investment in the water supply to three villages in the Dodoma region of Tanzania has scaled the development and launched a positive development spiral. The results now show that the initiative also improves farmers’ opportunities to borrow money for further investments in agriculture.

Watch videos from the project and mention of the project results on the website of Poul Due Jensen’s Foundation, which has co-financed the project.

See also ADDA magazine News & Views April 2024 with article describing the good development course starting in 2021

News & Views Magazine

April edition is out now. Read it here

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Two important milestones reached in Tanzania

In the middle of the year, we reached important milestones in the efforts to develop the value chain for organically grown sunflower by small-scale farmers in Tanzania. With the help of ADDA/AMDT´, organically grown sunflower has arrived on the market and we expect that both US- and EU organic certificates are in place by December, so that sunflower oil and sunflower residual can be exported.
The two previous years widespread drought have hampered the farmers’ cultivation of the crop, but this year 700 certified farmers have harvested approx. 500 tonnes – however somewhat less than the initial forecasts showed. It also seems that the market mechanism with pricing based on supply and demand works, because prices have risen from approx. TZS 700/kg until now approx. TZS 900/kg (DKK 2.45/kg). Even more positive is that many of the certified farmers can afford to store parts of the harvest in anticipation of better prices in November/December.

Read more here

Solid results obtained after first 4 years in Myanmar

Since its inception in 2020, solid impacts have been achieved for the small farmers belonging to the PA-O ethnic group in the southern Shan State.

Both agricultural capacity and production have increased in the four years we have been present in the area. Specifically, the farmers´ ginger- and chili production are increased and thus they have achieved a significant improvement in their financial results. This essential goal has been achieved by getting farmers to use climate smart and organic cultivation methods.

The prerequisite for that change is that the farmers have received a thorough practice-oriented training, and that seed bank systems and collective sales centers have been established in all the 20 villages in the southern Shan State, included in the project’s focus area. In total, 646 people have participated, 47% is women.

See more about the results in News & Views April here

ADDA´s folder

See the informative and nice folder here.

The folder is available at the secretariat or visit ADDA at: Carit Etlars Vej 6, 1814 Frederiksberg. DK. 

New EAC project initiated in Cambodia

The project will further develop two established provincial umbrella organizations – one for 15 agricultural cooperatives (ACs) in Siem Reap province, as well as one for 9 ACs in Oddar Meanchey province. There is a focus on the cooperative’s ability meeting the needs of the poor farmers for assistance. The photo shows the participants at the introductory workshop in June at the start of the project.
See more about the EAC-project here

Development of local communities – part of VOF project

The ongoing VOF Project in Vietnam includes a special activity called “Small-scale community development projects”. These are smaller development projects that people in the villages carry out together in order to improve ability to make better decision on initiatives to improve conditions in the village. See more about the VOF project here.