Support the Cambodian farmer families – give contribution to wells or rice banks!

ADDA is again this year 2016, doing a collection for the poor rural families in the villages in Cambodia. The money collected will go to small development projects, such as wells for clean drinking water and water for crops, and safe storage houses for their rice, which is called a rice bank, chicken houses for raising chickens or a common waste station in the village. Adda gives support for materials, and the peasants do the work, often together with their self-help group that participated in the ADDA projects in Siem Reap and Oddar Meanchey.

1-Ring wel construction
A well is under construction, and the whole Self Help Group is helping.
s. 4 og 5, 2 Her er en brønd,der er bygget (2)
Here is a well, which is ready to be taken into use and with a happy family in  Oddar Meanchey.
s. 4 og 5, 3. Landsbybeboerne fik penge til kyllingehus
The villagers in Phnom Krom got money to build a chicken house, and here they are doing the construction.
The chicken barn built by the villagers in Phnom krom (2)
Here is finished the chicken house in Phnom Krom, with chicken – which give them income to feed the family.
8-Paddy storage
Rice banks is a great success, which means safe storage of rice. The members can earn rice by lending out rice to others in the village.
Community in Ampil leads the organisation of the environment day (2)
Waste sorting and marketing of valuable waste help to give additional income. Some self- help groups apply for support for building small waste stations.















Contributions can be deployed on ADDA’s account: 9324 3245623703

Remember to give full name, address and cpr. nr.

ADDA is approved under the Assessment Act, and we report contributions to SKAT (tax authorities), when you provide your name, address and Civil reg. nr. 

If you have questions, please contact ADDA on phone +45 24 47 13 07 or by e-mail: or ADDA, Nørrebrogade 52C-2tv, 2200 København N.