Board members

Søren Thorndal Jørgensen
Chairman, Country Manager ADDA Vietnam.
Agronomist, Chief Consultant  at Landbrug og Fødevarer, former consultant in NaturErhvervsstyrelsen.

Ove Gejl Christensen
Vice- chairman
International consultant

Bodil Engberg Pallesen
Co-founder of ADDA. Head of Economics and Country Manager ADDA Cambodia.
Agronomist, consultant and researcher in Agrotech – Institute for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Agrotech

Mikael Jonsson

Vice-chairman. M.Sc. in Agriculture from Copenhagen University. Head of Section at the Fisheries Agency under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.

Five years’ expatriation in Tanzania from 2001 to 2005 working with agricultural development projects.


Helge Brunse
Country Manager Myanmar
Country Coordinator for ADDA in Cambodia. Former Chief Adviser for Danida in Thailand and India.

Povl Nørgaard
Business consultant, Editor ADDA magazine News & Views

Torben Huus Bruun
Country Manager Myanmar
Chief consultant, International Development at SEGES.

Pie Munksgaard
Agronomist, former Associate Professor at the Business Academy of Aarhus, and former school and agricultural development in Baringo, Kenya as a MS volunteer in Care Kenya for 2 years.

Jan Sohn
Master of Public Administration, Subject Matter Expert Agriculture and Fishery. Employer: Danish Fisheries Agency.