ADDA´s organisation

ADDA’s organisation consists of four units:

  • The Board, elected by ADDA’s members
  • An administrative secretariat
  • A team of Country Managers, nominated by the Board, and
  • Project Coordinators, appointed by the Board

The Board
The Board attends to management of ADDA’s activities in the projects. The Board also has the overall responsibility for fund raising, arrangements and information. The Board plans and organises Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). See the Board members here.

ADDA’s Board members are willing to carry out partially unpaid work in connection with planning, coordination and execution of projects and with information and delivering talks.

Secretariat and Information
The Secretariat is responsible for relation and correspondence with members.

The Information unit of the Secretariat is responsible for editing and publishing of ADDA member magazine News & Views, updating and news articles on our website and Facebook and delivery of information activities in Denmark.

Bodil Pallesen is the Office- and Financial Manager at the Secretariat.

All interested people including donors can contact ADDA by mail.

Association administration
The Associations accounting and bookkeeping functions are taken care of by AP Administration with Bitten Christiansen as Bookkeeper, and Jesper Birn and Lars Ole Sørensen as Accountants.

AP Administration carry out the accounting work with payment, and AP Revision is our Chartered Accountant. Bodil Pallesen, in her capacity of Financial Manager, responsible for the collaboration with AP-administration.

Country Managers
The Country Managers are responsible for ensuring that all tasks in the projects are carried out as intended. Project administration is made up of a team with a coordinator and sparring partners for each project. Furthermore, the Board nominates local contacts, who act as the Board’s direct access to the projects, and who typically work as sparring partners for the project as well as with the project administration.

The essential tasks for the project administration are:

  • Execution of the projects
  • Communication to the projects
  • Quality assurance
  • Drafting/formulating new initiatives
  • Contact with donors
  • Project monitoring and evaluation

Actual Country Managers are: Bodil Pallesen (Cambodia), Søren T. Jørgensen (Vietnam), Ove Gejl Christensen (Tanzania) and Helge Brunse/Torben Huus-Bruun (Myanmar)

Project Coordinators:
Kjeld Vodder Nielsen (Cambodia)

Søren T Jørgensen (Vietnam)

Bjarne Christensen (Tanzania)

Luca Nichetti, MIID (Myanmar)