kjeld vodder nielsen
Project Coordinator
Kjeld Vodder Nielsen
Agronomist, specialized in Agricultural Technology and Vegetable Production, leadership experience from The Farming knowledge Centre in DK and AgroTech. 

Current projects: EAC and CSA

ADDA Sekretariat

Finansial Manager
Bodil Pallesen
Project Manager in Cambodia since 1996. Agronomist and former teacher of agriculture and consultant of plant production. Today employed by AgroTech as senior consultant in the development of plant fibres.




Project Coordinator
Søren T. Jørgensen
Agronomist and among others, experience from Holstebro Landboforening as research leader, academic advicer in Plantedirektoratet, and Scientific Assistent at University of Copenhagen. Actual: Danish Agriculture & Food Council.
Current projects: VOF: Strengthening the Voice and Capacity of Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Farmers in Climate Resilience in Northwest Vietnam.



Project Coordinator: Bjarne Christensen

Country Manager: Ove Gejl Christensen

Current project: Tanzania: AMDT- project in Dodoma- and Mbeya- regions


Country Manager: Helge Brunse/Torben Huus-Bruun

Project Coordinator: Luca Nichetti, MIID

Current Project: Organic Agriculture for Livelihood Improvement for the Pa-O Ethnic Group, Myanmar