Videos from Cambodia

This video just arrived from Cambodia. The farmers are telling with great joy about their outcome of the INFOSE project.


2 new videoes from ADDA´s INFOSE project ( Febr. 2011 – Febr. 2015). ´Innovative Approaches to Food Insecurity for urban and peri urban poor in Siem Reap (INFOSE)´.

Two directors from ADDA´s partner organisations, Mr. Ouern Ratana from CIDO (Community Based Integrated Development Organisation) Cambodia, and Mr. John Wihallah from NADO (Njombe Agricultural Development Organisation) Tanzania, are discussing the content of the Danida Fellowship-course in ´Sustainable Agriculture´. May 2015

These two videos are about the IWEP project (Integrated Women Empowerment Project) 2005 – 2013

Listen to Mrs. Thoeun Sokea´s story.

Strengthening of female rural farmers.

This video is from ADDA og READA´s upstart workshop in Siem Reap.