Support with a gift

Give your family, friends and colleagues a gift full of sustainable conscience

ADDAs projects are funded by the government and international donors such as Danida, CISU, the EU and the World Bank, and this support is strictly limited to the project purposes they agreed on, most often about teaching and capacity building.

However, there may be a need for extra money, for example when a self-help group needs money for cement to build a well for the benefit of the village. Our projects finance the creation and training of self-help groups, but there is no budget for building materials. Other needs may be the establishment of rice banks, construction of roads and ponds, seeds, vaccines and other practical things that can help self-help groups continue in their work.

Here you have an opportunity to help with a contribution, large or small, and note that this form of contribution always reaches their recipients with the full amount, with no administrative costs, so that your gift is 100% from you to the beneficiaries.

You can pay the gift through Net Bank: reg. nr. 9324, account nr. 3245623703.

Remember to briefly describe where your support should go to, and the name and address of the person / s you want to offer the gift. Then we will send the gift with a greeting and information to the gift recipient. It is also important that you add your own sender information, name, e-mail or phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

This information can be send to: or call: +45 24 47 13 07 or send a letter to:

ADDA – Agricultural Development Denmark Asia

Carit Etlars Vej 6

1814 Frederiksberg C

If you live in Denmark and you provide your or CVR. nr for a donation to ADDA, we will report your contribution to the tax authorities, so that you can drag the amount from your taxes.

ADDA will gladly come out and talk about our work in your business, organization, community hall, etc in Denmark or in one of our program countries. You just need to contact us for further information.

If you have other suggestions for support than the ones above, please feel free to contact ADDA and discuss the possibilities.

Rules for tax-deduction in Denmark: You can deduct a maximum of 14,500 DKK per year, but this amount can be spread across several organizations. Contributions given with explicit conditions on the application cannot obtain deductions. The right to deduct is lost not when a donor for gift payment expresses the wish that the gift should go for a particular purpose. Membership fees are not deductible, as this is payment for membership of the association.

Read more about tax rules in DK here.