Title: Sunflower cluster development for organic certification and international export

Cooperation Partner: Vantage Organic Foods (VOF)

Project area: Dodoma

Project period: 1/10 2016 – 31/1 2017

Donor: Local Investment Climate (LIC), Tanzania

Grant: 171.702 DKK.

The project will serve as a bridging grant of four months, which is the first step towards securing a long-term effort with VOF to secure a market for certified organic products from small scale farmers in Tanzania for export to the United States and the EU. The project has a geographical demarcation to the Dodoma district in Central Tanzania.

The project contains the development of clusters in which the farmers are organized, and where joint collection sites are set up for picking up the crops. In addition, a number of information meetings are held for farmers to encourage them to subscribe their participation in organic production, as well as local authorities to ensure their support for the project. The final part of the project is a basic training of farmers in organic production. This is done first through a training of trainers, where local facilitators are trained, after which they hold training for the farmers.

image6Johana Isava is happy because she can harvest despite drought. This is because she has cultivated the soil according to correct methods.