Volunteering in ADDA

ADDA offers members and others different types of volunteering jobs.  The tasks can take place in Denmark or in one of the projects in Asia and Africa. When you volunteer or work in internship the job will be with no salary. The yields can be rich though in shape of experience in relation to education and jobs, and it can give you broader perspectives with other cultures and living conditions.

As a volunteer you can help with our fundraising and collections, and you can help with informing about our development tasks. As a volunteer abroad you are asked to be an independent person and  open to other cultures. You must have the needed qualifications in relation to the project tasks you have to perform.

Experiences from former volunteers:

  • As a student of horticulture Marc was volunteering three months in Cambodia in a project with poor farmer women. Marc had to participate in an evaluation study of the project, and he was collecting data and analyzing it. Later on Marc has benefitted from the experience of his Cambodia stay, and he recommend other students who like to travel to test the theories in practice.
  • Arafa was studying Nature Ressources and Development and she did four months of internship in ADDA. During the internship she solved tasks such as: helping with the design of a new project, information materials, fundraising and the preparing of a workshop about HIV and AIDS for trainees in ADDA´s Tanzania- project.

Other volunteers have been teaching english to trainees and others in Vietnam.

You can contact us through email: adda@adda.dk.