Make a contribution

With a smaller contribution to ADDA Annual Collection 2020, you support smaller projects, e.g. establishment of wells, rice banks, bridges, water channels and roads in Cambodia and Vietnam

With a contribution of DKK 200 or more, you become an active helper for poor families in the villages in ADDA’s project areas.

Contributions can be deposited into ADDA account: 9324 account no.: 3245623703 or

Mobilepay: 70636

Our principle for collected funds from private donations is that they are used for procurement of materials and then the villagers themselves do the establishment. It costs, for example. ca. DKK 1,500 in the purchase of materials for an ordinary smaller well in one village.

Effekt of your contribution

Thousands of poor families are experiencing a rise in income and living conditions, following a participation in an ADDA project.

The improvement comes as a result of the farmers learning through a project about new cultivation methods, being part of self-help groups and several forming associations and cooperatives. And because they learn about improved marketing of their products and they become better at arguing their rights to the authorities.

The activities of the projects are financed through ADDA’s many grants. However, some of the rural population’s needs for improvement cannot be supported with these project funds. So here, smaller private donations make a huge difference to this poor section of the population of villages.

The farming families are in dire need of clean drinking water, water for the crops, safe storage houses for their rice, as well as local infrastructure, such as small roads and bridges. Materials are supported, and farmers often do the work with their self-help group.

The funds raised go uncut for these small development projects.

A well in Phaaung village, where the people enjoy using water for households and crops. Cambodia.
A well is digged out in Stung Preah Srok Village, Pouk district. Cambodia.
Common water channel in Nghe An Province. Vietnam.
Bridge in Thu Phong municipality in Hua Binh Province. Vietnam.
Trapang Run Village – Female farmers bring rice into the new rice bank. Cambodia.