Community Development Projects


By Helena Øhlenschläger Larsen

As fundraiser working for ADDA I have been so fortunate, to get the opportunity to visit some of the ongoing projects in Vietnam and see how they proceed. Besides the bigger projects ADDA is working with (see, ADDA also supports smaller development projects in the local societies. I visited 2 villages in which ADDA partook in doing CDP (Community Development Projects).
The first village, Huoi Nga in Son La province, have in cooperation with ADDA constructed a road through the village in 2012, and this project is the first CDP in Song Da II project. According to the village chairwoman, the road has increased the position of the village in the surrounding communities. Among others more children from outside the village are now attending school and the village have become the meeting point for local gatherings.  See a short article about Community Development Projects (CDP) here. See also another short article about  Helena´s visit at eco- certificated small scale farmers  here.

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