Videos from Vietnam

This video is made under evaluation of VLA II (2011 – 2014) in Vietnam ´Legal Aid to the Rural Population, phase II´.

Local development projects in ADDA´s FIGNAHB – project (2013 – 2015). ´Strengthening of farmer groups among ethnic minorities´.

Visiting a Farmer Field School in Vietnam

Video from ADDA´s SONG DA II – project (Community Development among Ethnic Minorities, phase II) 2010 – 2014). Local farmers are taught new cultivation methods  in the Farmer Field School. After they establish small self help groups. These groups are increasing the members production and help in development of their local communities. The video is in vietnamese with subtitles in english.

Abbreviations are mentioned in the video. These are:

CD               Community Development
CDG            Community Development Group
FFS              Farmer Field Schools
FU                Farmers Union
PMU            Project Management Union
VNFU          Vietnamese Farmers Union