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ADDA has two new projects in Tanzania.

One is located in the Mbeya region in South-West Tanzania.

The other is located in the Dodoma District in Central Tanzania

ADDA´s previous project ´NADO in Focus´ was located in the Njombe- District in the Southern Higlands of  Tanzania.

Country Manager: Mikael Jonsson

Project Coordinator: Erik Schiøtz P.


Tel: +255 7 8661 8096

ADDA Tanzania closed its NADO in Focus- project at the end of June 2016 after 4½ years of project period. Since then we have succeeded to attract two smaller new bridging projects, as well as applications for two larger and long term projects have been prepared.

Title: ADDA-ADP partnership building for future interventions.
Period: July 2016 – April 2017
Grant: 199.974 DKK.
Donor: CISU
Partner: Actions for Development Programmes - Mbozi (ADP)
The project between ADDA and ADP is a partnership intervention. The overall goal of the initiative is to establish a formal partnership between ADDA and ADP-Mbozi in Mbeya region of Tanzania.
In addition, the effort have two specific purposes; enhancing ADP's organizational capacity; to extend cooperation and knowledge sharing between relevant stakeholders in the project area as well as promoting the formation of professional networks and alliances.
The purpose of this effort is to build a solid foundation for future collaborations between ADDA and ADP, which should benefit the target group, who are local small scale farmers.

Title: Sunflower cluster development for organic certification and international export.
Period: Oktober 2016 – Januar 2017
Grant: 171.702 DKK.
Donor: Local Investment Climate (LIC), Tanzania
Partner: Vantage Organic Foods (VOF)
The project will act as a bridging grant of four months, which is the first step towards ensuring a long-term effort with VOF to ensure a market for certified organic products from small farmers in Tanzania to export to the US and EU. The project is located in Dodoma district of central Tanzania.
The project includes development of clusters in which the farmers will be organized and crop collecting points will be established. Furthermore a series of information meetings for farmers will take place, to encourage them to sign up for participation in organic production, as well as for local authorities to ensure their support for the project. The last part of the project is a basic training of farmers in organic production. This is done through training of trainers, where local facilitators are trained and then they will facilitate trainings for farmers.


Formations of groups are crucial for success and sustainability in ADDA´s Farmer Field School method. Here is the group ’Solidality´ from Itulahumba in Tanzania, and they have invested   in a common group t-shirt to build up their sense of cohesion.  

Photo: Marianne Nørgaard Jensby

Fig,tz,marianne  The happy FIG,tz,marianne
The different Farmer Interest Groups are happy to show their good results in the field to visitors. Here we are walking from one field to another to see how the different crops and projects are doing (Matiganjola, Njombe region, Tanzania)