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In the CISOM-project (Strengtening of the Civil Communities in Oddar Meanchey) in Cambodia the members of the Self Help Groups are taught civil rights, property and advocacy.

In the CEMI- project in the Northern Vietnam the rural population is learning farming methods adjusted to climate changes


World Best News in the morning sun!

This morning we handed out the good news from ´World Best News´, which is a campaign from the UN and the Danish Development Organizations to show that our efforts to fulfill the 17 UN Development Goals are working.

Let´s continue our good work to reach the poverty reduction goals.

See how ADDA is contributing to each goal in Facebook


ADDA participates in the World Best News campaign again this year. 

VBN_DK_logo_kort_version_mlogo_rgbThe focus of the campaign is the good news about the great contribution of development aid to fulfilling the 17 UN- goals.

This week the World Best News focus is on Goal 1: Eliminate extreme poverty. In Adda we contribute to elimination of extreme poverty through ADDA´s Farmer Field Schools around in the project areas in Vietnam, Cambodia and Tanzania, because the farmers have achieved better yields in their farming. Besides that, the farmers also learn about their legal rights and how to achieve influence through advocacy. Thousands of farmers in ADDA´s project areas in Vietnam, Cambodia and Tanzania have experienced better living conditions, because they attended ADDA´s projects. We are handing out the WBN- campaign newspaper in the morning of Sept. 9. We describe every day in facebook, how ADDA´s contribution to the 17 UN world- goals are.

Visit the World Best News here.

Sinang and Kimleng took the Folk High School students by storm!

It was some eventful days when Mrs. Sinang and Mr. Kimleng visited the three Folk High Schools in Silkeborg, Rønde and Brenderup with 'Workshop on Self Help Groups´ this late April and early May. The two trained facilitators from Cambodia provided the students with insight into how poor Cambodian farmers are equipped to obtain rights to farmland through a role play, where farmer groups negotiate with the authorities through 'soft advocacy'.

...The meeting with Yun Sinang and Ouk Kimleng was something special for the students. The two talented employees performed the part of the workshop, which consisted of a presentation of ADDA methods for building and strengthening of self-help groups, and a role-playing in which participants could play a case study on land rights.

It was especially role-play that caught their attention. They were to play respectively a group of representatives of self-help groups in a rural area, and a group that consisted of officials... read the rest of the article here.








ADDA has received support from CISU ( for the implementation of the workshops at the Folk High Schools.

ADDA´s new folder is also in English now!

find it here


Many attendants at ´ADDA-Cambodia-Night´in Kalø Organic School are listening to Mrs. Yun Sinang, project leader and Mr. Ouk Kimleng, lawyer, with great interest, as they are presenting how they work in ADDA- Cambodia. They came to Denmark as facilitators of ADDAs workshops about Self Help Groups in Danish Folk High Schools in April/May.

New wells, chicken farms etc. in Cambodia

s. 12. Bagside. børn bærer vandThanks so much for all the contributions to ADDAs Christmas Campaign!
We had more than 100 contributions and 30.000 DKR, which will make the receivers in Cambodia very happy.
Find informations about the Chrismas Campaign here. 

The water supply and food security for rural area are crucial

s. 4 og 5, 2 Her er en brønd,der er bygget (2)

We have recieved an article from Mrs. Yun Sinang, the CISOM-project, Cambodia.
She is writing about the successes which is a result of ADDA´s smaller development projects, where self help groups get help to build wells and rice banks.

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Video from ADDA

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This video is made during the evaluation of the VLA II in Vietnam. Legal Aid to the Rural Population II (2011 - 2014).

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