Give a contribution to ADDA´s smaller development projects for poor farmer families in Cambodia and Vietnam!

ADDA´s Organic Project increase the cultivation and marketing of healthy organic foods in Vietnam.

Group formation is essential for success in ADDA´s Farmer Field Schools.
Here is the group ´Solidality´ in Tanzania.

ADDA´s Christmas-collection 2017

640x453Risen bringes ind til lagring i risbanken i Thnal landsbyen,640x428Give a contribution to wells, rice banks, small bridges, water channels and roads in Cambodia and Vietnam!

Your contribution goes to small development projects in the villages in ADDA´s project areas. 

Contributions can be put into ADDA´s account: 9324 3245623703, Sparekassen Kronjylland

There is still a great need to do collections for the families in the villages in Cambodia and Vietnam, therefore ADDA continue last years success and do collection of smaller private donations to smaller development projects. Give a present to people, who really have needs!

Read about the collection and how to deposit your contribution here.


UdklipNews & Views Magazine 34 - is out now!

The English version is now done. Read about ADDA´s Christmas Campaign and about the projects the collected means will support.  Project officer, Mrs. Yun Sinang writes from the CISOM project in Cambodia, and you can read an article about the ADDA climate project in Vietnam, and about how the efforts helps when floods and thyphoones hit. Pich Sophin tells about the Agricultural Cooperative Union in Cambodia. Finally you will find an overview of  our new Sunflower- project in Tanzania.

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New photo exhibition about ADDA´s work in Vietnam, Cambodia and Tanzania!

The exhibition has moved from Århus to Odense, see it here:

Tarup Bibliotek

Rugvang 40, 5210 Odense NV

Time:  10. november - 30. november  (see opening hours here

We have composed a new great photo exhibition in close cooperation with our partners in the different countries. You can get a visual experience how poor local farmers acquires new professional knowledge that they use to increase their crop yield and earnings. The goal is that they ultimately grow out of absolute poverty. See more here (in Danish)!









ADDA has been granted funding for the communication work in Denmark through Civilsamfund i Udvikling (CISU).


Completion of the ´Climate Change and Ethnic Minorities´ Project

s. 7. Afgrøder på bjergsider i CEMI- projektet forhindrer jordskred. The CEMI project ´Climate Change and Ethnic Minorities´ has focused on improving the ability of ethnic minorities to influence local politics in relation to climate change in northern Vietnam. ADDA's methods and cooperation with farmers and authorities have yielded many effective results. Read Arafa Khatib´s article about the project, and how the efforts help when floods and typhoones hit.

New organic project in Tanzania

Nishant fra VOF, Erik fra ADDA og Mr. Goodluck fra NIRAS inspicerer solsikkemark_tb,388x336 ADDA has contracted with a new fund in Tanzania, the Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT), for funding for the first phase of a major project, which will help 20.000 Tanzanian farmers access into the international market for organic certified feed. Read the article in News & Views no. 34 here.



Organic farming in Vietnam


I Vietnam, ADDA is working on organic farming to strengthen the ability og ethnic minorities to cultivate, eat and sell healthy and pesticide- free agricultural products. Read more about the project here.

New ´EASY´- project in Cambodia

IMG_6070,640x414The EASY project is a continuation of the COSIS project. Particularly poor women have raised their standard of living through ADDA's Self-help Program. They form agricultural cooperation associations with their own leadership, and they continue to gain greater and greater influence in their civil society. It is the project's purpose to support this good development, as well as to form a union of cooperative associations in Cambodia. Read more….




News & Views Magazine


The newest News & Views Magazine is out in English now! See it here. Earlier editions can be seen here.


If you are interested in more information about ADDA´s work (only in Danish) you can sign up here.


ADDA´s folder

Udklip,folder_UKSee the informative and nice folder here.
The folder is available at the secretariat or visit ADDA at: Nørrebrogade 52 C,, 2200 København N



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